Mirror Secret Mirror

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MIRROR SECRET MIRROR – Book + Video Trailer

Be careful what you fantasise. Your dreams may just come true…

‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ is dark, decadent, BDSM-themed erotica. This book is a corrupting force, an evil seduction, a delicious poison… a trap! It will fill your head with all manner of obscene thoughts and vivid erotic imaginings. It’s the story of a young woman being lured, baited, manipulated… hunted, captured, enslaved…


How MSM is being written…

This certainly makes for a strange working environment. Although I’m writing dark, BDSM-themed erotica, so the aphrodisiac atmosphere feels kind of appropriate. Two giant mirrors sheet the walls of the office, one in front, one behind. My reflection bouncing back and forth between the opposing panes – reflections reflecting reflections – echoing off to the infinities. The image of a young woman sitting at a little desk, typing away on her laptop. That’s me: Jessica Seaques. Full-moon face. Fresh, flush cheeks. Tidy ponytail of silky, brown hair. Cool, red, fifties spectacles balanced on my nose. Sleek, steel collar wrapped around my neck. I don’t wear anything else… it’s not that kind of workplace.

I love the feel of the cold, metal chain snaking down my naked body, shackling me to the desk…

The MSM Blog

We post new content on the blog every week. Three scintillating erotic stories are being serialised.

We’ll also be posting some thought provoking pieces discussing classic erotica.

Meet MSM’s Author – Jessica Seaques

Hi! I’m Jessica Seaques (pronounced ‘Seeks’), but you can call me Jess 🙂

I love traveling, daydreaming, drinking tea and snuggling cats (especially Baggins!). I also enjoy: provoking a response; pretending to be innocent; and getting into trouble. I dislike: forgotten tea that’s gone cold; blushing in public; and not being punished when I clearly deserve it.

I’m in my early twenties, recently finished university and moved to London looking for adventure… of which I found plenty…

Play MSM’s ‘Build Your Own Fantasy’ game

After a lot of work (and a large number of rewards and punishments being handed out), we’re proud to announce that we’ve finally finished making our ‘Build Your Own Fantasy’ game.

Answer a series of cryptic questions and we’ll give you an erotic story to match your preferences. The game uses a simple process, although it can potentially generate hundreds of different individual stories.

It was really fun to make this game, so we hope you enjoy playing.

Pics and Snips

We’ll be posting pictures and MSM story snippets on social media almost every day… and then uploading these to the website every week. Check out our recently updated Pics and Snips page…

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