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Jessica Seaques

Tell us about yourself…


I’m Jessica Seaques (pronounced ‘Seeks’), but you can call me Jess.

I love traveling, daydreaming, drinking tea and snuggling cats (especially Baggins!). I also enjoy: provoking a response; pretending to be innocent; and getting into trouble. I dislike: forgotten tea that’s gone cold; blushing in public; and not being punished when I clearly deserve it.

I’m in my early twenties, recently finished university and moved to London looking for adventure… of which I found plenty…

Jessica Seaques

Tell us about your book…

‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ is about what happened to me.

It’s the story of a young woman being lured, baited, manipulated… hunted, captured, enslaved. The villain is dark-eyed, devilish and dominant. The villainess is sleek, sadistic and sexy. The predators work together to ensnare their prey.

The book contains radiant depravities, including: spanking, whipping, service submission, orgasm control, emotional torture, bondage, primal play and magical aftercare. There are heterosexual scenes, homosexual scenes and the most explosively erotic threesome you could ever imagine.

The story twists romance, perverts love and mocks morality. It’s a sadistic book that tortures its readers… and it’s a trap – his trap! Don’t fall into it, the way I did.

Tell us about your blog…

Leading up to the publication of Mirror Secret Mirror in Spring 2023, I’ll be posting on the blog every week. I’ve written three scintillating erotic stories.

  • ‘The Circus Master’ is a magical tale about a demonic Circus Master and his spellbound slaves.
  • ‘All the Mistress’ Money’ is a twisted story about a disgruntled wife confronting her husband’s dominatrix.
  • ‘The Master Plan’ plots an audacious robbery, an erotic rendezvous and a dark betrayal.

The blog and book cover similar subject matter… and feature the same dominant characters. Although the blog-stories are more fantastical and are led by fictional submissive protagonists. The three narratives have been serialised into fun, bite-sized pieces.

I’ll also be posting a few bits and bobs I’ve written discussing classic erotica, including ‘Delta of Venus’, ‘Story of O’ and ‘Venus in Furs’… as well as some thoughts on contemporary erotic writing. As publication draws near, I’ll serialise MSM’s first couple of chapters and post them on the blog.  

Why did you write Mirror Secret Mirror?

Well, I never actually intended to write an erotic novel… and was surprised to find out I was doing so. I was even more surprised to find myself cast as the heroine.

Ultimately, the book was his idea. He chained me to the desk and made me do it. He says he wants Mirror Secret Mirror to ‘inspire, enrich and darken’ at least a million orgasms across the world… and I’m responsible for delivering that target. I think he sees it as some kind of erotic philanthropy… or evangelism – a cause worth crusading for.

(He’s an angel really, he just acts like the Devil sometimes;) 

So how did you become interested in BDSM?

I guess these feelings have always been there – demons hiding in the deeps. Although I’d never properly admitted them to myself, until recently… when he made me start writing these stories.

Then I guess it all came out at once – the classic Pandora’s Box. I talk about that a bit in the book – the intriguing psychology of BDSM. Interestingly, when I first started writing ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’, I’d never actually played a real-world BDSM game.

I’ve had quite a bit of practical experience since then though. I really did dive in at the deep end.

Your writing style is very atmospheric. Can you tell us about your methods?

My working environment is erotically atmospheric. I sit at a little desk between two giant mirrors, one in front, one behind. My reflection bouncing back and forth between the opposing panes – reflections reflecting reflections – echoing off to the infinities. I just wear glasses and a steel collar. The metal chain feels cold against my naked skin. He watches me work. I’m sure of it! From the secret room behind the mirror-wall.

The ambiance is agonisingly sexy, but I’m not allowed to touch myself, so I work in a state of permanent sexual arousal…. which seems to escalate infinitely. The aphrodisiac atmosphere so rich and deep and immersive. Like a burlesque striptease – anticipation building as layers and levels are stripped away. I’m drowning in eroticism… and this naturally translates into my writing.

What inspires you as a writer?

I find the threat of punishment very inspiring. At any moment, I could get summoned into his office, ordered to bend over the desk and pull down my panties. Or he might sling me over his knee and hand out a spanking, my ass-cheeks wiggling around in the air, feet helplessly kicking out at the knees.

I love getting punished, but that makes things complicated, because I also love doing what I’m told. Sometimes I behave immaculately, but end up getting beaten anyway – the best of both worlds. The sheer injustice of it really turns me on.

However, I also love being bratty… safe in the knowledge that all my rebelliousness is ultimately destined to be thrashed out of me. My deliberate mistakes are generally trivial (I never miss deadlines – the blog stories are always published on time), but even minor misdemeanours are met with harsh punishments, so everything tends to work out well in the end.

Are your characters inspired by people you know?

Yes, they all are – ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ is the story of what happened to me. Although of course, I don’t actually know what goes on in their heads, so I’ve used poetic license to tell some of their stories.

A couple of the characters really are larger than life, so hopefully I’ve captured that. Katya for example – his evil collaborator – she really leaps off the page. As poisonous as she is beautiful: a horrible, sadistic bitch. I hate her in real life, but I love her as a character in the story.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the pantomime villain-types – the ones you just love to hate.

What life experiences have helped shape the story?

Well, one time, Katya cuffed my hands behind my back and chained me to the ceiling with my butt sticking out. She lashed my cheeks fifty times with a thin, bamboo cane. At one point, she struck so hard the wood snapped. I screamed frantically, but she just drew another bamboo stick, cut the air once and continued the beating – expression cold as sculpted ice.

Or there was the time they put pink bunny ears on my head, plugged a fluffy bun-tail up my ass and chased me around the dungeon with whips.

Are those the kind of life experiences you mean? 

How do you maintain the self-discipline required to write a novel alongside all these blog stories?

I don’t require self-discipline – there’s plenty of external discipline around here.

He makes the rules… and he’s very imaginative in the way he enforces them. On more than one occasion, he’s panned my ass red-raw, then fixed a sheet of sandpaper to the chair, for me to sit on it whilst I work. That really focuses the mind… and it keeps me in place, because it’s painful to move – kind of like sadistic Velcro.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book? What difficulties did you need to overcome?

The biggest challenge was being made to wear the chastity belt – that was really difficult!

Loins locked with black metal and thick leather, frustrated juices soaking into the strap. Excruciating torment: being me made to write erotica like that. And sometimes he ejaculates into the macabre underwear before it’s clamped closed, so I can feel his come squelching over my pussy and ass, until it hardens crisp and crunchy.

I’ve been through a lot to get here – it’s been the biggest challenge of my life!

What erotica has inspired you?

Apparently, all this was originally inspired by the way Anais Nin wrote ‘Delta of Venus’. In the early 1940s, an anonymous stranger approached Nin (through intermediaries) and paid her to write erotica, for his own private indulgence. My patron implies this is what gave him the idea… to play the same game with me. ‘Delta of Venus’ was the first book he instructed me to review. Nin is a great writer, but her erotica is too dark for my tastes. My style is very different – I try to soften things with humour and plenty of tongue-in-cheek.

I found Masoch’s ‘Venus in Furs’ inspiring. I love how he explores the psychology and politics of BDSM in such a deep and insightful manner.

I also adored the ‘Secretary’. I love the eccentric characters, quirky humour and clever dialogue (I hope my stories have a similar style). And I know what it feels like to have one’s work marked by a sadist with a red pen – fucking amazing!    

How did you come up with the title, Mirror Secret Mirror?

The title wasn’t my idea. I like it though. It’s very appropriate – the story is all about secrets between the mirrors… and behind them. The ‘Mirror Mirror’ reflection evokes a fairy tale feel… and reminds of ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – which seems to fit well.

I’m not sure what the mirrors really mean. There’s a variety of possible answers. Perhaps the way they reflect one another mirrors the way fantasy and reality reflect one another?

The confusion between fantasy and reality seems to be a key theme… Can you tell us about that?

Well, it was confusing right from the beginning. I have an overactive imagination, which he encouraged to run riot. Reality inspired fantasy and fantasy inspired reality. Mirroring and merging until it was difficult to tell one from the other.

Believing is fun, so easy to believe what you want to believe. And beliefs are like bricks. They build on top of other beliefs – suppositions built on presuppositions… until you’re living in a Cloud Castle you built yourself. And he uses all sorts of psychological tricks to exacerbate the confusion. I think he’s hypnotising me. It feels like that anyway.  

So all the chapters have romantic names… Is ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ a romance?


I want to say yes, but I don’t want to give potential readers the wrong idea. MSM twists and perverts romance. Someone said they thought it was an ‘anti-romance’, although I’m not sure about that. Seems to me: if you twist and pervert romance, it almost feels like it turns full-circle. A dark romance – a black rose – what’s more romantic than that?

But MSM’s readers definitely shouldn’t expect a traditional romance!

What can readers hope to gain from reading Mirror Secret Mirror?

The main aim of MSM is to ‘inspire, enrich and darken’ orgasms. It’s primarily focused on erotically stimulating the reader – turning them on. It’ll put all sorts of naughty ideas inside your head – mercilessly memorable erotic stories and scenes, images and atmospheres. Lots of fun BDSM stuff: spanking, beating, bondage, service submission, primal play. Heterosexual, homosexual and the most spectacular FFM threesome you could ever imagine! Some really inventive eroticism and sex – he really knows what he’s doing when it comes to the art of turning women on… and he’s so creative about it. You really won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else. J

It’s not just the smut, of course. There’s lots of mystery, intrigue and detective-work… a few twists and turns in the plot. Exciting drama, charismatic characters and surreal environments that feel alive. Most readers will fly through it, but there’s plenty of hidden gems to find for those inclined to investigate more deeply. There’s emotional exploration and thoughts about the interesting psychology, politics and philosophy of BDSM. And hopefully, it’s quite funny, as well. I try to use humour to keep the reader amused and entertained… and to lighten the darkness a little…

What can readers hope to learn from reading Mirror Secret Mirror?

Well, I guess the moral of the story is:

Be careful what you fantasise. Your dreams may just come true…

What do the people, your characters are based on, think about the book?

Katya isn’t happy about the way she’s portrayed in the stories. She actually demanded that I re-write certain bits… and made horrific threats about the severe punishments I’d have to endure if I refused. But I promised him: I’d write things as they really happened. And I love pissing Katya off!

He loves the book… that’s the most important thing.

Who is this mysterious man you keep mentioning?

Like I say, he’s the one who chained me to the desk and made me write the book.

He’s one of the characters in it, as well. He’s tall, dark and handsome… rich, powerful and mysterious – an erotica cliché (but that’s not my fault!). His plan is highly original though – a proper masterplan. And I love playing my part in it.

I love that keeps me chained up naked and forces me to write erotica – an ingenious idea… and the way the story played out…

You say he’s ‘forcing you’… What do you mean by that? It’s just… that’s obviously really weird… and doesn’t sound ethical. This doesn’t really sound okay… Is it okay? Are you okay, Jess?

Oh yes, I’m more than okay. Don’t worry about me, I’m having the time of my life! 🙂

Well, you say you’re okay, but… Can we really trust the answers you’re giving here? What exactly is this man’s power over you? Are you allowed to say anything he doesn’t want you to? How was this ‘Author Q+A’ prepared?

We’re not going to answer questions like that. Want to know more? Read the book!

That kind of evasiveness just makes me more suspicious. This whole thing sounds scandalously outrageous, morally offensive and sexually depraved. How can I get involved? Where can I buy the book?


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