All the Mistress Money – Part 4

This is part 4 of a 7-part series (click here to read the first blog in the series).

Dawn was helpless. Strung up in bowing pose with her arms twisted behind, and above, her flattened back. Torso clothed in respectable office-wear, but trousers and panties tangled around her knees, exposing the full-moon of her ass. Endless echoes of her pronounced posterior bouncing around the encirclement of dark glass. Tight metal chafing against wrists and ankles. The uncomfortable position stressing the tendons down her flanks as she tottered on only the front of her feet. Shame, anger and hate swilling through her blood. The horror of being restrained and powerless – at the mistress’ mercy. The frustration gritted with jagged friction, but she could feel it twinkling as well. Whole body wet with sweat and…

‘So, you don’t know difference between whore and Dominatrix.’ The Mistress paraded around to the front, yanking her victim’s head up to fix eye-contact. ‘Don’t worry. I teach you what Dominatrix is.’ She strolled back towards the vulnerable rear, holding a scrunch of Dawn’s hair to point her face towards the mirror. ‘And you will say “Thank you, Mistress Stilenskova.”’

Her hand impacted the neatly-presented buttocks with a harsh slap. Hot, stinging pain. The momentum swung Dawn forward in a tightly-confined stumble, the cuffs biting into her wrists and tugging her back. The Dominatrix’s arm rose and struck again, the sharp resound of flesh on flesh echoing around the chamber. A shocked, little gasp afterwards. Mistress Stilenskova’s expression cold as the spanking escalated, harsh blows spreading across the cheeks. The momentum building along with the victim’s protests. Cuffs gnawing as Dawn’s body jounced back and forth. She dropped her eyes to the floor when the Dominatrix released hold of her hair.

‘Keep your fucking head up!’ Voice pitch-black as sharp claws pinched a fleshy chunk of buttock. ‘How you learn what Dominatrix is, if you don’t watch?’ The victim glugged back a sob and lifted her eyes to the glass. ‘Keep your head up, eyes open, and watch in mirror. You understand this?’

A sudden surge of adrenaline. ‘Yes, mistress.’ Her body squirmed away from her own words, but they remained floating in the air above. God, that felt so good – sweet as poisoned honey. Her lids attempted to close, but she held them open. An erotic flutter of lashes. Another searing hand-print stamping onto the ass. Mistress Stilenskova’s lithe body curling and flexing as she unleashed a hot flurry of spanks. Dawn’s flesh painted pink and rose as the blood rushed up to swell under tenderised skin. The Dominatrix shifted to stand directly behind, swinging her hands in clapping motion and striking both flanks simultaneously.

The pained panged and the vicious applause continued. The victim licking her winces in the mirror as the violence intensified. How could she be so strong? And so agonisingly sexy! All that ruthless, ravishing beauty. The tops of Dawn’s thighs slid against one another in a moist film – could almost feel the fluid splashing as the claps pummelled her legs together. So shameful to feel this way. This woman had taken her money – tens of thousands of pounds! Had stolen control of Dawn’s husband. And was now giving her the most humiliating beating of her life. She hated the mistress! Surely she hated her?

‘Let me go. Let me go!’

The Dominatrix stopped and cocked her head, sly eyes focusing in on her victim’s shame. ‘We just getting started. And you just beginning to enjoy yourself.’ She thrust her hand sideways between the thighs, finger pressing up through the light bustle of moist pubic hair and brushing between the pussy lips. Dawn drowned in humiliation, but maintained reflected eye-contact as the Mistress smugly inspected her dripping-wet finger. Sucking it seductively, before blowing her victim a kiss through the glass. 

‘No! Let me go.’

‘You are enjoying yourself. Look, I prove.’

Stilenskova returned an elegant finger to her victim’s lower lips. Lathering it around sideways, without pushing the nail inside. The violation offended intensely – sexually dishonoured in such a disrespectful way. The Dominatrix circled back to the front, sticking her digit in Dawn’s face. A glossy sheen of pre-come glistening in the candlelight. A raw, juicy scent.  


Dawn kissed her lips around the mistress’ finger and drank. A smutty suckling sound tickling the corner of her mouth. The victim closed her eyes and savoured the taste of her own disgrace. Somnambulistic tongue following as the Dominatrix withdrew her finger.

‘You learn quick.’ Horrible smile licking the mistress’ lips. Dawn swallowed a sob, squeezing her eyes closed as if trying to wring out all the frustration… and lust. ‘This is good. I like this.’ Stilenskova strolled back to the rear, slapping the helpless ass and watching it wobble. ‘And I like this too. I like to beat proper… big… round… ass. A fleshy woman’s ass – very sexy!’ Now wandering over to a nearby rack and searching for a weapon. ‘Much more fun than beating men’s asses… all fucking day.’ She glanced over her shoulder to point out the continuing undulation of Dawn’s flesh. ‘Still wobbling.’ Turning back to the rack. ‘Too many fucking men in this line of work. So this is treat for me too.’ She tucked a small weapon up her sleeve and idled back towards her victim. ‘Big, fat, pink ass. It looks good this colour. Maybe I paint it red later. But first I paint your big… fat… breasts pink.’

‘No, please no, Mistress.’ Felt so good saying that. ‘I’m sorry, Mistress.’

The Dominatrix unclipped the manacles from the ceiling and un-cuffed one of Dawn’s wrists. Movements flowing slowly now – smooth and stealthy – a smirk of satisfaction shadowing her cool expression. Dawn was manoeuvred into a standing position and the cuffs were re-locked with hands by her belly. Then her arms were thrust overhead and she was re-attached to the ceiling – hanging higher up the chain so she still had to teeter on toes. The victim’s shy eyes stared diagonally downwards. Mistress Stilenskova hooked her hands around the collar of Dawn’s white shirt and ripped it open. A spray of popping buttons sprinkling over the floor. The thick, black bra was heavy duty, but the Dominatrix tore it apart in one violent movement. Leaving Dawn’s bountiful bosom bouncing free. Voluptuous breasts swinging – buoyant nipples juggling around on waves of wobbling flesh.  

The mistress leaned in with an evil smile. ‘This is going to be fun.’

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Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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