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What readers are saying about MIRROR SECRET MIRROR…

***** Deliciously dark and dangerous, not for the fainthearted. Great characters, and a well written storyline. – Goodreads/Amazon UK Reviewer

***** Intelligent book, clever story and beautifully written. I love hot baddies… Highly recommended! – Amazon UK Reviewer

***** Lushly described and at times darkly poetic. – Amazon US Reviewer

It’s really interesting. I really enjoyed it. But it’s not for the faint of heart.YouTube Reviewer

***** The characterisation is utterly perfect. This is especially impressive for a debut novel. The characters live and breathe for me. – Amazon UK Reviewer

***** A clever and unusual erotic storyline… difficult to discern what is fantasy and what is real… – Amazon UK Reviewer

***** The story mirrors a voyage of self discovery. Ideals are twisted. Expectations subverted. Assumptions are challenged. UK Blog Reviewer

*** Not for Everyone! This book was… a lot. I’m honestly not sure how I felt about it… It’s a dark story for sure… But overall, still a worthwhile read for anyone into the darker side of erotica. – Amazon US Reviewer

*** Whoever wrote this is one “sick puppy”. – Goodreads Reviewer

***** A dangerously captivating novel that exceeded all my expectations. Wholeheartedly recommend this riveting journey into darkness… – Amazon UK Reviewer

***** Mirror Secret Mirror is not for the faint of heart, but if you wish to expand your horizons, broaden your mind and corrupt it while you’re at it, this book is more than worth your reading time. – Amazon UK Reviewer

There’s plenty more reviews we haven’t highlighted here – including some extremely enthusiastic ones. Check out MIRROR SECRET MIRROR on Goodreads for in-depth and detailed reviews, comments and insights.

It’s been amazing to read all the reviews that MIRROR SECRET MIRROR has received. I’m delighted to hear that so many people are enjoying my book… it really seems to strike a chord for some readers. However, the reviews also confirm that MSM is not to everyone’s taste. One comment, many reviewers repeat, is that the book is ‘not for the faint-hearted’. I think they mean that the BDSM is brutal… and the atmosphere can get very intense at times. Also, one or two of the characters are quite nasty – so it’s better if you’re the sort of reader who’s entertained by book-baddies you ‘love-to-hate’.

Anyways, I recommend reading the reviews (or perhaps checking out the blog/website – mirrorsecretmirror.com) to help you decide whether MSM is right for you. If you’re feeling brave enough, then you could just buy MIRROR SECRET MIRROR now… to find out what everyone’s talking about…

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