MSM Excerpt – Chapter 1 (Part E) – Red Rose

This is an excerpt from the upcoming book ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ – we’re posting the first 2 chapters online, over the next few weeks, in the run-up to publishing the book at the end of May. This is Part E – Click here to start at Part A.

She winked at them both in the mirror before turning to move towards him, sidling slowly, the pronounced sway in her hips micro-quivering a buttock with each step. Arriving at the chair, she continued to look into his eyes as she sunk down. Haunching catlike between his legs, obscuring the captive’s view as she slipped her hand up to unfasten belt and flies, talking seductively all the while. It wasn’t possible to see properly as the mistress pulled out his dick. It was surprising she hadn’t ensured the wife a better view. Charlotte could imagine how good her husband’s big, hard cock looked lolling around in his lover’s hands. A deep, sweltering throb of lusting envy – gag-cords cutting into her mouth as her face convulsed. Katya pushed her ass out to curl, leaning forward to run her tongue up and down the shaft, allowing the wife a brief glimpse of the burgeoning crown. He looked into the mistress’ eyes with blissful satisfaction and she spent time licking and kissing, teasing and caressing.

Something she said caused him to sit up. Aggressively pulling off the jacket and proceeding to unbutton his shirt: the enthusiasm of a man promised sex with Venus herself. Katya was taking off his shiny, black shoes, the ones Charlotte had polished for the trip. Removing his socks as well. He pulled up from the chair, rigid cock flailing as Katya drew off his trousers and underwear. The wife admired her husband composing himself as he settled back into the seat. She always loved the way he looked, but she now found him more attractive than ever: enthroned naked on the executive chair, striking a powerful pose, muscular arms resting confidently, strong legs set wide, beautiful mistress kneeling between them. His smooth, hard body rippling with excited tension. Chest heaving as he inhaled lust through half-bared teeth, torso muscles tautening. Coveting eyes dark and fierce. Features snarling desire. Charlotte’s pussy sizzled in helpless frustration. If only Katya had left a hand free. What a wonderfully evil bitch she was.

Sitting up, the Russian positioned to put his cock in her mouth. Her whole body waggling as she slipped her lips over the large helmet. Charlotte buckled and swooned at the shamefully sexy reality of her husband’s engorged dick filling his mistress’ mouth. Katya began to move her head up and down. Slowly at first, but building speed. As the pace quickened she danced her whole body along with the motion: lithe physique writhing in graceful, spiralling movements; hips and torso snaking. Charlotte’s husband watched hypnotised: the mirrored reflection of his mistress’ dancing buttocks, puckering to pout the wetted lips of her succulent… His coveting wince looked painful.

He was speaking now. Eyes flicking up… and focus shifting along the mirror. Setting his gaze straight towards Charlotte, with the appearance of knowing deliberateness. His expression black: the thunder of Zeus’ violent lust. Speaking directly to his wife, the last three or four words of the sentence mouthed into the glass with slow, definite emphasis. She couldn’t tell what he’d said, but it must have been something cruel, Katya’s body reacting with a bone-shivering tremor of arousal.

Was he really talking to his wife? Did he know she was there? Had Katya told him? Did he know all along? The thought that struck her next juddered so hard it jarred her bones. Did he know because he’d planned this himself? Oh Jesus! What if all this was his plan? What if he and Katya had conspired? Had he deliberately ‘forgotten’ his phone charger, whilst carefully leaving it somewhere it would be found? Calculatingly exploiting his wife’s loyal thoughtfulness and counting on the likelihood she’d bring it to the office? Then Katya insisting that Charlotte ‘sit and talk’ and conducting this sadistic entrapment as her part of the collusion?

Oh God! What if that were true? He was certainly manipulative enough to do such a thing. But could he be that hard and cold – to his own beloved wife? Intentionally plot her total humiliation at the hands of his vicious mistress? Charlotte’s pussy was on fire. The cuffs chafed as she wriggled. She hoped it was true… hoped it was all true: that he’d planned it, as a way of introducing his wife to this secret world of delicious darkness. Because he wanted her to be there alongside him. Or on a leash at his feet. Whatever he wanted. Charlotte swirled giddy as the intense emotions heaved, bucked and tossed. She felt them all – but only as varying flavours of masochistic pleasure. Enjoyed savouring all the tastes at once – sweet and sour, spicy and salty, acidic and bitter.

Her husband’s focus hadn’t left his mistress for long – her supple body twisting and curling ever faster. It was almost too much, he closed his eyes and grimaced, pulling his head back sharply. The emphatic words easy to lip-read this time.

‘Oh fuck!’

Cradling Katya’s head in both hands to detach her. He’d almost come and needed to stop himself. It hadn’t been long: he never came that fast when his wife sucked his dick. But then, she wasn’t Katya, was she? The mistress treated herself a cheeky glance towards Charlotte, gleefully sharing the celebration of her latest victory.

As Katya rose to stand, strong arms clasped her waist: pulling her around, pushing her back to sit on the desk. She began to raise her legs in anticipation. He slid off the chair to kneel, head between her thighs, eyes salivating as they drew into her. A luxuriant lick up the slip of her pussy. She moaned visibly. He repeated the movement, a couple of times, before pushing his face tightly against her, writhing his tongue inside. Katya’s legs rose further as he kissed between them fervently. Ballet limbs arcing gracefully, stretching into the air: a flower opening up towards the sun. And then lowering down to clasp together behind the back of his neck. She lolled, gazing dreamily into the mirror, boasting another triumphalist smile before her expression crumpled in pleasure – head falling back with a cry of elation.

The wife admired his rock-hard dick as he pleasured his lover. Wished she could be under the desk right now, sucking her husband whilst he licked his mistress. It just seemed the perfect place for her: beneath them both. God, she so wanted to join in – the desire was agonizing. She wouldn’t expect much attention – she could just be a little, dick-sucking fluffer for them. Could learn to eat pussy as well. Oh God! Why didn’t they let her in? Of all the emotions swirling into her submission-lust, the extreme frustration contributed the most. The constricted energy collapsing back in on itself in waves. Ever more powerful waves – reeling and spinning. She squealed into the gag, legs kicking out at the knees, wrists twisting against metal shackles. The rose wagging behind as her ass wiggled desperately… the claw of the thorn hooking deeper.

Now it was Katya’s turn to remove her lover’s mouth. He began to stand as she pushed away. Her posture shifting forward: a stalking cat preparing to pounce. He was already blending with the movement, bracing his body to catch. They crashed back into the chair with gusto. It rolled and nearly tipped, but the entwined couple were moving in unison to rebalance. Locked in a desperate kiss, bodies colliding excitedly. A chaos of hands thrusting, grabbing and clawing. Katya’s legs splayed over the sides of the chair. Pushing up against his torso to run her moist pussy down his hardened rack of abs. Sitting back to slot his cobra of an erection along the perfect cleft of her ass-cheeks.

The wife had always loved her husband’s cock, but it’d never looked as good as it did now: clamping possessively around his mistress’ wetted groin. Charlotte craved to lick her tongue up it, would give anything to do that now. Katya was kissing and biting, impatiently pulling her body up and back: attempting to impale herself. She missed… his rigid erection bending against her leg. She tried again – missing again. They’d lost their practiced coordination in the flaring heat of the moment: his dick swinging about, frustrated, as she jostled to readjust. If only Charlotte had been there, she could have helped place it for them. Oh God! It was so unbelievably unfair. Oh sweet Jesus, please! Please!

The beautiful couple were regaining composure. His biceps bulging as his hands set around her slim waist, lifting her back as she curled an arm behind to grab his dick, guiding it in to penetrate. They looked into one another’s eyes. Dark smiles as she pushed down onto him, smoothly sliding lips around the shaft. Katya’s body twitching in mini spasms of elation as he thrust within. Charlotte melting along in memory: it felt so good as that big helmet drove in like a crowned battering ram, filling up the pussy. Certainly better than having a rose stuck up your ass. She groaned helplessly. The mistress was moving up and down on Charlotte’s husband’s throbbing erection. Rhythm building as the momentum gathered.

As when blowing him, she writhed and weaved her body in elegant, dancing motion. Scratching at his shoulders, attacking his neck with kisses. Both lovers now lathered in perspiration, skin glistening wet, beautiful bodies shining. He held her middle in solid grip whilst her buttocks bounced up and down on his lap. Thick cock sliding in and out, gleaming with the lubrication of his mistress’ juices. If only the wife could get closer. All she wanted was to sit between her husband’s legs and watch his lover’s spectacular butt bobbing up and down above. Maybe she could dab her tongue on his shaft between every thrust: taste the mistress on her husband’s dick. Hold her tongue there so it flicked the rim of Katya’s pussy as the dominant woman’s ass bounced on her upturned face. How deliciously shameful to desire such degradation. She hated herself.

The chair had been rolling around in the gathering force, but was now shaking violently as the turbulence escalated, wheels taking turns to rock off the floor. Katya threw back her head, crying out as he bit around her neck and shoulders. The seat was going to tip. At the last moment, he clutched hands around the peaches of her butt and drove down into his legs. Lifting his lover as he stood, the chair clattering onto the floor behind. Holding her fully in his arms, cock still deep inside. This was getting too much for the prisoner to take, the sexual frustration unendurable. Her pussy screaming and pleading. This torture was too terrible! She tried to screw her red-raw wrists out of the cuffs for the hundredth time; all she needed was to touch herself, just briefly. It would only take a few moments to reach the most profound orgasm ever. Burning up; a series of hot flushes overwhelming. Passing out for a second as everything went blank, her head caught flopping forward.

Her husband still hammering away inside the beautiful woman twined around him, teeth clenched tight and fully bared, sweat pouring from his face. Her soaking body slipping about in his grip. She waved her head back and forth as the powerful motion of his hips battered upwards, shouting something and swinging her arm towards the mirror. He steadied his hold underneath sweat-slick ass-cheeks before stepping forward, driving his cock up inside as he moved, incorporating the striding motion into the rhythm of his thrusts. Another lunging step, forcing himself upwards into her. They were moving towards the mirror, step by fucking step. Charlotte shook, exhausting thirst building towards fever pitch, head spinning in dizzying droop. It was too much. All of it.

They were nearly at the wall now. He swayed, clutching his lover fanatically tight. Likely they’d smash straight through the glass. The wife watched through bleary eyes as her husband staggered the last few steps to ram Katya’s body into the mirror-wall. The glass flexed, but held. The mistress crying out ecstatically. Surely they’d crash right through on the next attack. Charlotte sobbed dry tears as she prayed to all the gods for her husband and his lover to break through onto this side of the wall… so that she could be with them when they came. The next strike even harder, the barrier shivering but holding firm. Katya’s behind looked amazing pressed up against the glass. A dripping drench of the lover’s sweat on the mirror as her body peeled away. He banged her up against the wall again, rooting feet securely for the last few drives.


Katya barely had control of her head as the orgasm built. Managing to twist her neck to snarl into the mirror. No longer able to muster the coordination to properly gloat in the penultimate moments of total victory.


His eyes flashing with a glimpse of the coming climax, breathing spit through his teeth to steam the mirror around his lover’s ear. Bang!!! Charlotte wished she could come with them. She could explode – needed to explode! This was so unfair: so twistedly sadistic. How could she be tortured so ruthlessly? She just wanted to be kneeling there, with mouth wide, ready to clean up when they finished.


On the final strike, the bodies of the two lovers reeled together in the euphoria of mutual orgasm, limbs shuddering out: blood, bones, hearts, minds, souls, beings – alive and electrified. They embraced the long moment with passion that trembled.

Charlotte felt the blank swallowing everything as she passed out, the dizzying pain of sexual frustration finally overcoming. Wilting and fainting, head drooping towards the floor – a red rose.

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