The Circus Master – Part 10

This is part 10 of an 11-part series (click here to read the first blog in the series).

Spinning, spinning, always spinning… around and around. Sophie was back on the wheel, once more. Limbs shackled with naked body splayed in a wide X. Rotating as the great disc whirled. The Circus Master standing before her, in the middle of the fire. Untouched by the flames as they leapt and snapped around him. Muscular torso slick with glistening droplets of sweat. Arrowed haunches pointing downwards. The swelling outline of his shaft straining against the leather. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned. The top of his trousers flapping open as he pushed down his underwear… and his big cock leapt free. Long, thick trunk burgeoning into a huge, bell-shaped crown. The shaft engorged and throbbing to the brim. The considerable weight of the helm skewing its erect stance. As Sophie swirled it seemed the whole world orbited around his dick.

As she rotated upright he stepped forward, thrusting his arm over her head to thump the disc. Driving with such force the whole wheel toppled, crashing back on the floor with a splintering crunch. Sophie was horizontal now, but still spinning around and around. His monstrous erection silhouetted against the dark sky as her head swung past underneath. Her body rumpling in tinkles, spiked by lances of lust, but held tight in metal manacles that bit as she squirmed. Could feel him mounting the moving wheel. Looking down her body to see him, kneeling between her legs. Carnivorous cock salivating to devour her. Devilish face, horned hair, black-hole eyes burning into her own. Whole world dizzy with soaking wet heat.

He moved into a press-up position, hands either side of her heaving chest. Holding the pose with one palm as he reached the other down to clutch her pussy. Spangles of electricity as his fingers nuzzled and tickled. Lathering her juices to lubricate the bulging helm of his cock. Then touching his finger to her lips so she could taste herself, her long licks becoming a greedy, sucking bite. He tilted his body, fisting his shaft to steer the crown towards her pussy. Her lower lips trembling as she strained to spread herself as wide as possible.  

The tip of his cock pressing against her now – a great beast battering down the gates… and pushing inside. The hammerhead was huge. Sophie was splayed open and drenching wet, but it still struggled to fit. Could feel the angry pulse of the blood beating as he manoeuvred to force it in. Driving the crown inside and thrusting his whole body behind his spear, skewering up her middle and stuffing her so full all the air was pushed out of her mouth, nose and eyes. Her gasp swirled out in a thin spindle of pleasure. Gagging on her own gulp as her eyes popped and everything quivered. Evil demon’s face glaring down as his hips withdrew, groins grinding before he smashed back deep inside. She screamed with spinning joy.

He growled out a command, in a language from another world, and the lionesses were on the wheel. On all fours, either side of Sophie, their beautiful faces descending under showers of golden hair. Luscious lips kissing onto her cheeks, tongues slathering down her neck, chins nuzzling under her jawline, fluttering eyelashes tickling her skin. Sensuousness sparkling as their soft, wet mouths suckled and lapped. The Circus Master thrust and the lionesses cocked their heads to blow purring breath into Sophie’s ears. Felt like all the glitter in the festival swirling into a twinkling tornado.

Everything one long sigh, luxuriating as the Circus Master rocked his hips and rammed his dick. His dark silhouette looming overhead. All the stars in the sky spinning around behind. The lioness’ fingers pattering over Sophie’s prone body, massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Claws tickling as they slithered down her flanks. A hand sliding over her belly to caress her clit, pressing close as his body slammed tight. A shuddering madness of bones and nerves. The metal bonds, the swirling lust, the lionesses purring in her ear, the Circus Master’s power moving inside. Her eyes closing. Darkness swallowing darkness. The whole universe spinning – spiralling into the black-hole of his eyes.

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Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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