The Master Plan – Part 1

WARNING! – This story is brutal even by MSM standards…

Rose didn’t look like she was currently participating in a multi-million-pound jewellery heist. To the café’s other customers, she appeared to be an ordinary woman sitting down to eat lunch. Except she wasn’t actually eating anything, of course – her stomach was filled to the brim… with butterflies and wasps. The thought of bacon and eggs made her feel nauseous. Hadn’t even managed to drink her tea – hands shaking too much to pick up the cup. Her fingers now fastened together on her lap. All her muscles tensed rigid, attempting to hold her jangling bones in place. Adrenaline blitzing below the surface, whilst her face tried to affect a ‘normal’ expression. Had to eat something, or it would look weird.

But how could she eat at a time like this? In exactly fourteen minutes, Rose’s accomplices would burst into her place of work and steal millions of pounds-worth of jewellery. She wouldn’t actually be there at the time, yet her role was pivotal. It was her ‘inside information’ that had enabled the operation… and she was the one who’d triggered the time-lock on the safe forty-six minutes ago. A shrill shiver of terror and excitement. Jesus Christ! How could this be happening? How could she be involved with something like this? It seemed unbelievable. Yet it was really happening – she was really doing it! Actually, she’d already done her bit. All she needed to do now was drive down to Dorset and wait.

She unlocked her fingers and attempted to lift the cup. Despite encircling the vessel with both hands, it wobbled violently and attempted to jump out of her sweat-soaked palms. A mini-tsunami of tea sploshing over the rim and spilling into the saucer below. She put the cup down, looking up to see if anyone had noticed. Fortunately, the half-dozen other customers were minding their own business… not doing, or noting, anything of interest. They all seemed especially grey and boring today. Rose had never really liked this café. The décor was slick, minimalist and characterless. Yet X had decreed that this was the best place for her to be, during the robbery, so she’d been forced to lunch here regularly, over the last couple of months. Always eating the same thing and paying in the same way.

The large front windows were pulled open, so Rose could see the waiter bustling around outside, seating a suited businessman at one of the tables on the pavement. As the man turned, his eyes met Rose’s head-on… and the recognition screamed. Oh Christ! You’ve got to be kidding! It was Paul! PAUL! And he was coming over. Oh shit! If there’s ever a good time to bump into your ex-husband, then it’s definitely not whilst you’re in the middle of a robbery.

‘Hi, Rose. Fancy running into you.’ His cheery countenance clashed dramatically with Rose’s horrified expression, but he’d always had an impressive ability to ignore her emotions. ‘I’m just… meeting a client. How are you? It’s been ages. You look great!’

‘Paul! Good to see you. You look…’ Her eyes scanned down his body – the years hadn’t been that kind, in terms of hairline and waist… ‘great.’ His lips began to move, but Rose cut him off. ‘Look, I can’t do this now. I’m right in the middle of something… very important.’ Shit! That wasn’t a good thing to say. What if the police asked him later? ‘I mean: would be nice to catch up, but I don’t have time, right now. Can I call you? You still got the same number?’

Paul confirmed that he had, but then continued talking as if the conversation hadn’t just been slammed in his face. He had plenty of boasting to get off his chest – was in the cafe to meet a wealthy Russian, who was desperate to invest in Paul’s super-successful cyber-security business. God, what a smug twat. Rose had never liked him that much, to be honest. She’d just been young… and got overly attached, because he was the first guy to dominate her in the bedroom. Initially she’d found him highly attractive, but those feelings had drained away, over the years, and she really couldn’t see it now. He was nothing compared to X. What could she do to shut him up? Maybe she should tell him about the robbery. Shock him into silence. He’d be so surprised – had never even suspected his wife’s kleptomaniac tendencies. Never really knew her at all. Why wouldn’t he just shut up and fuck off.

‘Paul. Not now, okay! Let’s talk another time.’

Rose hardened her voice, gesturing emphatically to air-push him away with both hands. The waiter witnessed it as he walked past – he’d probably recall the forcefulness of the movement. But at least Paul got the message. A little wince of a nod as he murmured, turned and shuffled back to his table. Jesus! That was a fucking disaster! She stared down at her fidgeting fingers. Although actually… was it that bad? She was supposed to have witnesses to confirm she was here. And an awkward, unexpected encounter with the ex was the perfect excuse for acting a bit weird. ‘I just didn’t want to talk to him, officer.’

The phone was ringing. Her phone. The robbery phone! Oh fuck! He wasn’t supposed to call, unless…


‘Rose.’ X spoke in a deep voice: commanding tone, meticulous words. ‘I need you to listen to me very carefully. And then I need you to do exactly what I tell you.’ Rose felt a little swoon of submission-lust shudder in the tension. ‘The van’s been delayed. They’ve made a mistake: they failed to do exactly as I told them and now they won’t be there until 2:20.’

‘2:20! But the safe will shut at 2:13! I triggered the lock at 1:03.’

‘Yes, you did very well. You did exactly as I told you. But they didn’t… and now they’re late. So now you need to step up and save the day. It has to be you. Only you can do it. But it will be easy. I’ve sent Natalya in to distract the guys, including Callum. She’s in there now.’

‘Who’s Natalya?’

‘She’s on our side – part of the team. And she’s gone in to do her bit. She’s got all three of them distracted. All you need to do is: walk in, act like you forgot something (just a charger or something), go down to the basement, put on the gloves, reset the penetration device to ‘Pre-loaded Setting 1’, re-enter the secure area, open the safe, put everything inside in your bag, leave the secure area, take the gloves off, go back out… and then drive to Dorset. Just as planned.’ His voice marbled rough and smooth – honey, velvet and gravel. ‘Remember to say a cheery ‘good-bye’ to your colleagues. And act relaxed – you’re off on holiday with your wonderful… Master. Just remember that.’ His expansive tone narrowed to a spear-point. ‘Rose, I need you to go and do all of that, right now!’

The submission-lust melted like butter in lava. Rose loved obeying when he used his masterful voice. However, it was unfair for him to play that card now. Yes, she’d sworn obedience during the operation, but this wasn’t the original plan.

‘Rose, I need you to do this for me.’

‘Yes, but… That’s not… I can’t… That’s too…’

‘Rose, the safe will be opening in eleven minutes and then closing in twenty-one minutes. The guys aren’t going to be there on time. So you… are the only person who can do it. It has to be you. You have to do it! There’s no other way.’

‘But… I’ll get… I look guilty. I’m sweating already. I’ll get caught.’

‘You won’t. It’ll go fine. I trust you. You’ll get away with it. With the money… with me… we’ll escape just like we planned. Nothing changes in that respect. The cameras have been hacked, remember. They’re not recording. Mark, Nathan and Callum are in the front of the shop, talking to Natalya, so they’re safely out of the way. You already know our penetration software works smoothly on the door and safe. And you’ve got gloves, so no worries about fingerprints. And there’s legit reasons that your DNA’s in the safe: you handle stuff going through there all the time. And a few minutes after you leave, the guys will burst in and rob the place – so everyone will assume that they robbed the safe. You don’t even have a key to the secure area, so they’ll know it can’t have been you. It’s all safe for you. You’ve already seen that we’ve beaten their security systems.’

‘Yes. But…’

‘Rose. You promised that today: you’d do exactly as I tell you. Didn’t you?’

‘Yes. But…’

‘I don’t want to have to tell you to do this… but I do have to. And you have to do it! That was the deal. We have to trust each other. We’re in this together. I have to trust you – that you can do this. And you have to trust me – when I tell you we’re going to get away with it. I’m a professional, remember. You’ve seen that the penetration software works. You just need to step up to the plate and do this for me.’

‘Yes… B…’

‘And Natalya’s stepping up to do her part. She’s gone back in. She’s taking a calculated risk, but she’s doing her bit for the cause.’ Who the fuck is Natalya? ‘But she’s not as important as you are. It’s all up to you now. I know you can do it. Tell me you know you can. You can do it.’

‘Okay… I can… I can do it. I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you… Master.’

She had to slip into ‘Game Mode’ if she was going to do this. Just act like she had no choice – that would make it easier. He’d told her to do it. He was her Dom. She had to do it. Like all those other things he made her do. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

‘Good. My Special Little One! You’re the best.’ Then he repeated the plan, step by step, and made her echo it back to him. It really was simple: just walk downstairs and get the jewellery. ‘So, the safe will open in six minutes. After you hang up the phone, pay for your meal and then just go and do it… for me.’

‘Yes Master.’

‘Go now.’

He hung up.

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