The Master Plan – Part 10

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‘Puggle is safe-word?’ Natalya looked confused. ‘What the fuck is puggle?’

X ignored her, focusing on Rose. ‘You’ll do the recording now?’ The soft sticking sound of his bare feet advancing over the wooden floorboards.

‘I’ll do it.’ She squeezed her eyes shut and shuddered her head into a nod. ‘I’ll fucking do it.’

He leant in to congratulate Natalya – a kiss on the cheek and a purring whisper in the ear. Then he left the room to make his way downstairs. The Russian moved over to admire herself in the mirror. Still wearing her tight black trousers, white shirt and sharp stiletto heels. Her ornately beautiful face dusted in glimmers of sweat, dark hair scuffled saucily, red lips pouting. Hand on curling hip as she indulgently bathed in her own reflection. A gloating expression when comparing herself to her desecrated ruin of a victim. X returned with the recording device – a sophisticated-looking bit of kit. A small, black box with an oversized funnel protruding from the top. He held the paper in front of Rose’s face and ordered her to read it out. She winced as she zeroed in on the words, but slowly started to recite.

‘Not like that.’ Flames of pain licked up her body as his hard hand spanked her tenderised ass-cheek. ‘You need to act. Act as if you just got away with three million pounds.’

Rose spluttered into a sob. Ice-hot hatred fizzling as it drowned in a puddle of resignation. He prompted her to start again, waving the paper in her face. She semi-composed herself and tried to do as demanded. Although he wasn’t impressed: impatiently criticising her intonation and acting skills… and the fact that she kept blubbering and snivelling. Natalya moved over to the wicker chair, slowly removing her boots as she watched the recitals. After half-an-hour of repetitive rehearsals, X seemed moderately satisfied.

He held the funnel over Rose’s lips, clicked on the recorder and ordered her to speak. She began to read out her lines, but made a mistake. He turned off the device and struck a hard slap across her burning buttocks. Then she had to try again. Failing again, with the same punishment. Oh fuck! Can’t take any more of this. Need to get it right. Not sure how many times it took, but eventually she managed to deliver the message in full. As he played it back, Rose heard her own voice speaking loud and clear.

‘Hi Paul. It worked. Everything worked! Three million pounds-worth of jewellery! And the penetration software infiltrated the system, so we get the proper big bucks as well! And that faking, Russian woman was in again today. Like I said, she’s the perfect person to point the finger at… and the fact she was there whilst it was happening makes it even better. She wants an expensive ring, but clearly doesn’t have the money for it. We’ll blame it all on her and her fiancée. Anyway, the coast is clear now. Come over here and we’ll celebrate.’

Shit! That sounded bad. Her voice was a bit weird, but the deceit was convincing. No obvious clues that the recording was made under duress. The conspirators left the room to send the message via their victim’s mobile. Rose bleared at her distraught face through watery eyes. How could he do this to her? What a total bastard! And the fact he was running off with Natalya made it so much worse – such a ravishing couple. They’d get married and then breeze off for a beautiful beach-holiday honeymoon. The jealousy burned even sorer than the physical pain.

They re-entered chuckling and chatting. A bantering bicker about how many ‘pimped up’ motorbikes Natalya needed and whether the money could be better spent on a larger yacht. They continued their conversation as they un-cuffed Rose from the ceiling and led her over to the bed. Securing her to the four-poster using the equipment she’d set up earlier. She lay with her back on the mattress and her head uncomfortably folded up against the fence of the footboard. Arms stretched out, either side, and shackled to the bottom-bedposts. Her ankles were chained to the same posts, splaying her legs wide open overhead and lifting her buttocks from the bed.

X put his arm around Natalya as they settled back against the cushioned headboard and smirked at their victim. From where they sat, Rose’s blushing, bright-red face was framed between her spread legs, behind her thrusting pussy and ass. She cringed her eyes closed as the abject humiliation drenched through. The itching tickle of lust in her loins was worst of all. She hated herself even more than she hated them. He took the slim, glass dildo from the bedside table and began lathering it in lubricant.

‘She loving this.’ Natalya mocked as she licked her eyes up Rose’s pussy.

A forking bolt of hate and heat as he leant in and tickled his fingers over the prisoner’s moistening lips. ‘She is.’ Jutting his chin in a macho smile of approval.

He dabbed the wet dildo against Rose’s ass-hole. She’d been wearing the plugs for thirteen days, so the tulip-shaped device slipped in smoothly when he pressed and twisted. Pushing about 5cm deep, so the belled end hooked inside the stretched ring of her ass. The remaining two-thirds hanging out of her like a little tail. His grin growled wide and wolfy as he sat back to admire his handiwork, looping his arm around Natalya once more.

Their sniggers harmonising, synchronised movements turning towards each other. Electricity leaping as their eyes met. A sizzle rippling through their lithe bodies. Excited muscles tautening, postures angling, blood bubbling… riling up. Teeth clashing as their mouths came together, enamel scraping. Loud, hungry kisses biting back and forth, jaws gnashing and snarling – like wolves fighting over fresh meat. Raw, fleshy, carnivorous smell. Bodies colliding and crashing, writhing and wrestling, battling and brawling.

Rolling around on the bed as they tore each other’s clothes. Buttons flying as shirts burst open and stripped off. Trousers rent and scratched and kicked away. His biceps rounding and swelling as he gathered his lover in, her slender torso snaking as she slinked out of his grip. Four long, muscular legs tangling up in the grapple. Natalya’s bright-red bra and panties slipping down her curves. X’s big, angry cock thrusting against the tight fabric of his boxer shorts. He reared up on his knees, grabbing her bra and tearing it up. Setting her perfect, round breasts bouncing free, nipples rocketing.

Sweat slicking as he wound his body behind hers. Both of them kneeling with backs towards Rose. Natalya sunk down on her hands, thrusting her buttocks back to smear herself over him. He pressed up against her, pummelling her forward, before dropping down to bite his teeth around the hem of her panties. Hooking both his hands inside the waistline, wrenching the underwear apart and shaking his head violently – the way a wolf breaks a rabbits back. Ripping the panties off, so the red material flapped around in his jaws, before he spat it onto the bed. Slathering as he watched Natalya’s peachy, bauble-buttocks grinding around one another. He bit playfully into her succulent flesh and they growled luxuriantly.

Rose seethed with hate, rage, jealousy… and fantastical frustration. Loathing her own lust just made it stronger. She shouldn’t be so wet. Remember what they were doing to her… how they were using her, exploiting her, stealing from her, framing her, screwing her over so totally – fucking her in the ass! How could they do this to her? They were so evil and dominant… and powerful and perfect. Her pussy was soaking wet. Her vulva throbbed with hot blood as she watched them chase and tussle. She hated them! She hated herself! She hated the whole, evil, fucking world! Rose knew how pathetic she was – the intensity of the shame warbling like a long orgasm.

X placed his neck against the headboard opposite Rose, stamping his feet on the captive’s ass-cheeks. She cringed under the eye-contact as he squeezed her sore flesh up in his toes. Could see the muscles hardening right the way up his chiselled body. His eyes were pitch black – swirling with shadows and demons. Natalya curling into an ‘m’ as she slunk up on his middle. Her dreamy eyes flashing over to Rose, so the victim could taste the smugness of her smile. The flavour sickeningly sweet… with a bitter aftertaste. As she pulled his shorts down, his angry cobra of a cock reared up, great helmed head flaring like a snake’s hood. Could see the blood pumping through the veins winding along the thick trunk. The throb pulsing as Natalya clinched her hand around the base and rolled it in circular motion. Waving his big, hard dick in the air, lolling back and forth as the shaft strained under the heaviness of the crown. Natalya focused her attention back to Rose, wagging his cock like a giant finger.     

‘Don’t look so jealous. You the one who getting completely fucked.’

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Jessica Seaques

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