The Master Plan – Part 11

This is part 11 of a 15-part series (click here to read the first blog in the series).

Natalya winked at the prisoner and reared to loom over X’s dick, shifting her grip higher so the swing became less pendulous. Opening as wide as possible and gobbling him into her mouth with a loud, clucking suck. Waggling her whole body as she slipped her stretched lips over the bell-end and lowered down the shaft. Greedy glugging to drink the meat. His dreamy eyes settled on Rose, but the captive sealed hers shut and burrowed her head away. 

Little sobs hissing out of her clenched teeth as Rose listened to them for a few minutes. Sloppy suckling sounds, excited scoffs of air as nerves twinged, satisfied growling and purring. Their bodies jostling about as they changed positions. The victim found it impossible to extinguish the itch in her loins, swooning around in the cauldron of raw emotions. Could feel the hooked dildo dangling from her ass. She lifted a lid to see Natalya flat on her back with legs curled overhead as he gorged on her pussy: smacking his lips, gnawing his teeth, nuzzling his stubble around. Rose clamped her eyes closed and tried to think of something else, but their writhing bodies were seared on the inside of her lids. Everything prickled with desire. Lust feeding on pain… and humiliation… and hate.

She couldn’t help watching as the sex show twisted on. Natalya fought upright, slashing her claws over his chest and wheeling away from him. A bestial pursuit swirling around, rearing up on one another and then bodies spiralling down in a spray of sweat and spit. His powerful arms flinging the Russian onto her back again… and he crawled into a mount. His buttocks clenching like fists as he angled in to penetrate. Thrusting his hammerhead cock inside her pussy and barrelling up through her. Natalya’s long legs flexing and tensing, moan muffling as her mouth pounced up to bite into his chest. Digging her teeth in hard. His shocked laugh leapt out all at once.

As the Russian pushed him away, he pulled her around on top of him, still deeply impaled. Tough hands chalicing her narrow waist as she rode him wildly. Sweat-lathered body slithering around in his hands and her peachy buttocks jouncing up and down. Big cock sliding in and out. Their drenched bodies glistening in candlelight. Natalya twisted her horrible face around to stare down at Rose with blissfully-unfocused pupils. A little smirk as the victim closed her eyes and burst into tears with renewed vigour.

Their sex turned into a marathon. After they came the first time, they started fucking again almost immediately. Hungry passion panting as they rolled about, changing positions and chasing around the bed. Natalya convulsed with multiple orgasms. For his second climax, X knelt up to jet spunk over Rose’s face. Telling her she deserved it, as a reward for ‘all her effort’. The victim felt the bubbles of rage boiling up in her blood. Hatred collapsing in on itself… and then screaming as it slowly melted. Sticky come clinging to her nose and cheeks… and crusting as it dried.

Before their third session, Natalya adorned herself with all the jewellery. Gemstones winking and glinting as she bounced around on top of him. They kept going for ages, occasionally stopping to smoke, drink wine, laugh at Rose and boast about their success. Sometimes they crawled over to waggle the victim’s ass-plug, or tickle her shamefully-wet pussy with their fingers.

‘Dirty, little bitch!’

They talked continuously about what they were going to spend their money on: villas, town-houses, yacht’s, flashy cars, motorbikes, designer clothes… more expensive jewellery. They seemed to have grossly inflated the value of the loot. After several hours of dirty-money-talk and filthy sex, they finally seemed spent. Lying against piles of pillows and idly chatting with their beautiful, wet bodies slotted and curled together.

Natalya turned her attention to Rose for another gloat. ‘Don’t worry Patsy. We send you picture of our gorgeous, ten-million-pound villa.’

‘The jewellery’s only worth three million, you fucking idiot… and you won’t even get half that, because it’s stolen!’

Natalya burst into a big, boasting laugh. ‘The jewellery?! She still think this about the jewellery!’ Sharing her mirth with X, before turning back to Rose. ‘The jewellery is nothing! We get fifty million dollars for this!’

‘Okay. She doesn’t need to know everything, right now.’ X intervened, pressing his hand down on Natalya’s thigh.

‘Don’t you want her to know how bad we fuck her?’ The Russian laughed cheekily, turning back to Rose. ‘We really fuck you in the ass, Patsy.’ Her eyes fell on X’s re-hardening dick. ‘Maybe you should fuck Patsy up the ass, for real.’ Her slippery hands goading his arousal to re-energise, great helmet rearing up as Natalya husked the words slowly for emphasis. ‘Stick your big… fat… cock… inside her ass… so she can really feel… how fucked-in-the-ass she is.’

X’s eyes fell on Rose, locking onto her like a predator targeting prey. He sat up, hunting cobra of an erection snaking ahead as he moved across the mattress on his knees. Natalya grabbed the lube and came forward to join him. The victim shuddering with sobs as they loomed in overhead, writhing about with the rough ropes grazing around her wrists and ankles, kneading her head against the wood with her eyes squeezed shut. The Russian began to stroke lubricant over him as they stared down on Rose.

He growled softly. ‘You were always asking to get properly fucked in the ass.’

Rose opened her eyes and looked into him. ‘Fuck me up the ass in the outside toilet.’ Voice loud and clear and poisoned with sweet venom. ‘That horrible, little toilet.’ She hated herself so much it hurt. ‘Then I’ll really know what it’s like… to get properly fucked in the ass.’

The predators reacted with excitable surprise. Rose screwed her lids shut as she felt the intense heat of the blush. Her hatred kicking her in the guts. So much hatred… for X, for Natalya, for herself, for the whole fucking world! How could she ask for that? How could she want that? She didn’t want that… but it just felt so right.

‘You’re one dirty, little bitch!’ Natalya spat the words with a strange mixture of abject contempt and impressed approval.

He narrowed his eyes into a winking squint. ‘My Special Little One!’

Rose sobbed peacefully as they untied her. Pushing her off the bed to kneel on the floor as the predators put on their shoes (but not their clothes). X held the leash tight, so the cold, metal collar bit up around Rose’s neck. She crawled as they led her onto the landing. Making her turn to back down the stairs on hands and knees. She squeezed to hold the ass-plug in as her thighs wiggled from side-to-side. Could feel the glassy tail wagging as she kneeled down the steps. X followed behind, his pendulous cock hanging over Rose’s head like the Sword of Damocles.

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Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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