The Master Plan – Part 15

This is the final part of a 15-part series (click here to read the first blog in the series).

The article was a few pages long and sprinkled with plenty of eye-catching pics. Photos of the beautiful power couple in various glamorous locations. Relaxing by the pool together at their massive, Caribbean villa. Natalya sitting behind a megalomaniacal desk in a vast office. A shirtless X manfully captaining his yacht. The Russian’s elegant fingers adorned with an ornately-crafted ring, shimmering with gemstones. Rose felt numb as she flicked through the images. Seeing this stuff used to make her stomach turn, but now the emotions kind-of blanked. Could feel something itching and gnawing away inside, though.

Rose started to read. The central focus of the article was Natalya’s spectacular business success. How she’d come from humble beginnings to launch her start-up a few years ago. And how the company had exploded into one of the world’s hottest, new fashion brands. It was worth hundreds of millions and still growing strong. With everything centred around the glamourous CEO as a widely-worshipped fashion icon. The young journalist was clearly a big fan herself, and the article was lathered with praise for how clever, talented and beautiful Natalya was – ‘the perfect role-model for go-getting girl-bosses across the globe’. The interview was essentially a long, sensuous ass-licking and Natalya just lay back and basked in it.

Regarding X, the main focus was what a wonderfully supportive husband he was. Yes, he’d previously had some (unspecified) business success in the cyber-security sector, but he didn’t want to talk about his stuff now. His wife was the ‘real business star’ and she deserved to be the centre of attention. And yes, he’d invested some of his profits in his wife’s business ‘as any sensible business person would’ (her being so super-talented and everything). His faith in her had paid off massively in all respects. What a guy! What a modern man! What a heroic ally of feminism! And what a sweet love story.

There were lots of details about their obnoxiously luxurious lifestyle. Moving between properties in London, New York and the Caribbean. How Natalya had a vast collection of classic motorbikes and was having tracks built, so she could drive them around the couple’s new island. References to all the celebrities they hung around with, etc. 

The interviewer asked about the interesting story behind Natalya’s wedding ring. It was connected to Great Heist! Our fair heroine had actually been in the jewellery shop at the very moment that the infamous escapade began! She’d gone in to make a final assessment of the ring she most wanted, but as soon as the jewellery had been returned to the safe, it’d been stolen. Natalya had even been questioned by the police about the heist herself! Just because she happened to be there at the time. She’d had to wait until after the trial before she could buy the ring, but at least she could enjoy telling the story whilst showing it off at dinner parties.

Asked about the infamous ‘Rosemary Charlton’, Natalya affirmed that she’d seen her come into the shop and then leave a few minutes later. The Russian would’ve taken the witness stand if that’d been required. Actually, this subject gave a Natalya a good opportunity to discuss the initiative she’d recently instituted, at her company, looking to help female ex-cons find work. Of course someone like Rosemary Charlton would be welcome to apply for the scheme: ‘if she was genuinely sorry for her crimes and trying to better her life.’

Rose looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. Could feel the tip of it now – all that pent-up rage and hate and jealousy. Such a complex combination of emotions, feelings and impulses whenever she allowed herself to really think about it. Maybe she should get a job working for Natalya. Did they need a housemaid perhaps? She saw an image of herself, on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, cleaning the sweeping marble floors of their palatial villa. Wearing a maid’s uniform and a chastity belt with a giant butt-plug wagging around behind. A painful claw of lust. God she hated herself! 

She forced her eyes back to the page and read on. Stuff about all the charities they were involved with or wanted to set up in the future. How they felt blessed and wanted to give back to the world, etc. The interviewer finally asked whether there was anybody the amazing couple would like to thank for helping them on the way to success. This was another underarm bowl, designed to enable them to become even more loveable by thanking their caring mums or kindly granddads. But Natalya missed the point and snipped that no one but her and her husband were responsible for their success: ‘people have to fight to take care of themselves in this world.’ 

But X said there was someone who deserved a Special Little mention. Someone who wouldn’t want to be named, but who’d ‘sacrificed selflessly, to make an invaluable contribution to our success.’ Only she knew who she was. Both X and Natalya wanted her to know that they were forever grateful for the supporting role that the mystery woman had played. Rose’s stomach turned. A nauseating spin. They were still mocking her! From their position to hers. They wanted her to know that they still thought about her and smiled. What evil bastards! She hated them so much!

Flashes of everything she’d been through. Squatting naked in a stress position and reciting the plan whilst he paddled her ass. Serving them dinner as they drank champagne and celebrated their victory. Pinned over X’s knee, getting her ass-cheeks spanked red. Hanging from the ceiling as Natalya sand-papered hot-pants and a tube-top into her skin. Tied to the bed whilst they frolicked and fucked and taunted. Taken into the disgusting latrine to be fucked up the ass whilst getting her head flushed down the toilet. Asking for it, despite everything… saying ‘please’. Orgasming harder than ever before. Sitting in prison for years, thinking about them every time she masturbated.   

And then getting out of prison and applying for Natalya’s work placement scheme. Begging to work for them… in a personal capacity. Spending her days cleaning their yachts and motorbikes, bringing them breakfast in bed, running around and doing as she was told. Yet still getting unfairly punished. Whipped and cropped and paddled and caned. Mounted on a giant dildo at the end of their bed and made to watch all night. Getting fucked in the ass really hard. Rose’s fingers were tickling over her clit. God she hated herself!

Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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