The Master Plan – Part 3

This is part 3 of a 15-part series (click here to red the first blog in the series).

She slung the loot into the passenger seat and sat behind the steering wheel. Looking around nervously, but everything seemed normal – the whole world utterly oblivious. She’d done it! Gotten away with the stolen treasure. Now it was easy. All she had to do was drive to Dorset. But what if she’d made some kind of catastrophic mistake? Had she done everything right? Had she forgotten anything? As she drove, Rose went through the meticulously rehearsed robbery plan that’d guided her actions since breakfast…

Final check that bags properly packed, put bags in car, drive to town, park by cafe, take tote bag, get coffee, go into jewellery shop, put tote bag in staff room, get on with work as normal, remind Nathan about half-day today, at 12.45pm go to staff room… and wait for Callum to take his clockwork crap, take bag and go down to basement, put on gloves, get out penetration device, hold it over the door security sensor, go through door, go to safe, use shortcut button to change penetration device to ‘Pre-loaded Setting 2’, hold penetration device over safe security sensor until unlocking process activates, leave room, take gloves off, return penetration device to bag, return gloves to bag, go upstairs, go back to front of shop, say ‘goodbye’ to colleagues, walk to café, sit down and order ‘the usual’, tell cafe guy about impending holiday, turn off personal mobile phone, eat lunch, pay for lunch…

Of course, somewhere around here, the plan had gone off-piste, but after Rose’s heroics they were right back on track. All that would change from the robbery team’s perspective was that they wouldn’t have to rob the safe. Just had to rob the rest of the shop and make it look as if they robbed the safe. Their task was simple. They were just there for show. Rose had accomplished the real robbery single-handed. X would be so pleased:

‘I told you, you were a natural jewellery thief.’

The pride glowed inside. It would take her just over two hours to get to the AirB+B. Then she’d open the key-box using the pin-code, go in and unpack the bags, eat her own dinner, and start getting things ready for his arrival. By that time, the robbery-team would be long out of the shop, X would’ve met them to pick up their (relatively meagre) haul of loot, and he’d be driving down to Dorset for the celebration weekend. She heard the cocky lilt of his honey-velvet voice:

‘Now comes the fun bit!’

Rose had memorised the instructions for setting up their weekend-long BDSM-game, just as thoroughly as she’d rehearsed the robbery plan. She could remember him laying out her orders: casual, slanting posture; expression relaxed and confident; deep, brown eyes glinting with secret smiles. Such an attractive man, facial features and contours angled the perfect balance between sharp and smooth. Strong brow, chiselled cheek-bones, full lips. Lush tangle of unruly, dark hair with a few streaks of grey rustling. Tall, hard, lean body.

She recalled him listing her instructions: take clothes off, pile them in hallway, put collar on, lock it, put high heels on, move with correct posture, set up candles, set up BDSM equipment, arrange sex toys, turn on hot-tub, kindle log-fire, cook three-course dinner, set table, open wine, light candles, ensure food ready to be served. At 9pm: go to kitchen, kneel in puppy pose… and wait…

Her memory was flawless, due to X’s masterful teaching technique – he’d made revising the plan into a BDSM game. Had ordered her to strip down to her panties, sit on a child-sized chair, at a little desk, and copy out the plan by hand. When she submitted the document, he became furious, saying her handwriting was disrespectfully untidy… and she got the hiding of her life. He strung her upside down from the rafters and whipped her, whilst she cried her eyes out. He didn’t stop until her soft, white body was criss-crossed with fierce, red lines. Then he took her down and made her bend over in front of him. She had to hold her panties open, by pulling the hem away from her ass. He masturbated until he jetted warm spunk over her buttocks and then slapped her underwear back on. She was sent back to the little desk and ordered to write out ten ultra-neat copies of the plan… her ass and pussy squelching around in his copious come.

The next ordeal was being locked into a chastity belt and sent home. Commanded to spend a chaste week learning the documents by heart. She was tested at the weekend. Stripped naked and forced to squat in a humiliating stress-position, whilst reciting the plan word for word. He sat behind her, fully-clothed, striking her with a paddle every time she made the tiniest mistake (hesitation, mispronunciation, perceived lack of enthusiasm/respect, etc.). A more serious error (such as forgetting a word) would be punished with a severe over-the-knee spanking. Then he’d order her back into squat position to try again.

Success conditions required that she recount the whole plan perfectly, three times in a row. It took ages to get through one unimpeachable recital, but she made a minor error on the follow-up attempt and was sent home for another week of chaste rehearsal. It drove her crazy. Mind, body and soul overflowing with lust, desire and excruciating frustration. She flunked the second exam as well, so it’d been three weeks of agonising anticipation before she was finally allowed to remove the belt. As a reward, he tied her to the bed and fucked her the way Thor hammers a thunderstorm… for the whole weekend. She’d never orgasmed even nearly as much in her life. It was Olympian! If that’s what she got for memorising the plan, imagine what she’d get for executing it to perfection – going far above and beyond, in fact. Rose spent the rest of the drive fantasising about her upcoming erotic adventures. She almost forgot about the three million pounds of jewellery sitting on the seat next to her.

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Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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