The Master Plan – Part 5

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X and Natalya wore coal-black business suits. A strikingly attractive pair: sleek and slender, slanting and curling, smooth and sharp. Both with dark hair, dark eyes and statuesque facial features. His skin was rugged and tanned, a carve of shady stubble cutting down his cheeks. The top buttons of his shirt were undone and his jacket swung open, flapping lazily with the languid lilt of his posture. Natalya was a vision of black, white and red – clothes close-fitting, so her slender curves and athletic figure sprang out like a cat-suit.

The Russian’s eyes lit on the jewellery and, ignoring the other woman, she rushed past to inspect it. Rose was horrified. Spitting out the leash, standing and grabbing the only item of clothing to hand. The little, striped apron only covered her front, so she moved to the side of the room, pointing her bare butt at the oven. The warmth tickled her behind, but the heat in her face was red-hot. Why’d he brought Natalya here? He knew Rose would be waiting in puppy-pose! Her furious glare demanded an explanation. Although he didn’t seem particularly perturbed, smile crinkling as he advanced on his angry lover. The Russian was cackling triumphantly, lathering herself in gems and silver.

‘Sorry, I wasn’t able to warn you… about Natalya coming. We had to adapt fast, in light of changing circumstances.’

‘Okay, but… you could’ve…’ Rose pointed at her collar.

‘You know we can’t use the phones.’ He shrugged. ‘Did it go smoothly? Did everything work?’ A sly grin, sidling up to loom over. She stepped back, fending away his hands.

‘Yes. I got it. I got it all. Three million-pounds-worth.’ She tried to remain sulky, but couldn’t help a little smile slipping through – a ray of sunshine poking through storm clouds. ‘And what about the rest of it? How did it go?’

‘It all went very well. No problems at all.’ He brushed away the air with his hands. ‘And the penetration device?’ His stare chiselling with focused intensity. ‘Where is it?’ Rose gestured towards her bag, on the kitchen-chair. He ignored the jewellery and went straight over, pulling out the device and tapping the screen a few times. ‘YES!’ He roared like a victorious fighter, fists pumping vigorously. Then turning back to Rose. ‘You’re fucking marvellous you are! I knew you could do it. Knew you’d make a great jewellery thief. You’re the hero of the hour.’

He swept over, grabbing her around the waist with both hands and pulling her body into his. She attempted to resist. As she squirmed away he clenched a play-bite around the side of her neck, growling low vibrations through her bones. A powerful hand, under her chin, clasped her face and pushed her mouth against his. Big, lush, liquid lips passionately massaging her own. Her knees wobbled, but he clutched her tighter, squeezing her soft body against the steely corrugation of his abs. She could feel his heartbeat thumping into her own. They’d done it! They’d done it, together… the two of them. So why was Natalya here?

He broke off the kiss and drew away. Rose watched his crafty smile flickering behind the flutter of her own eyelids. He turned and moved over to inspect the loot. Natalya was dancing around happily, adorned in a glitter of expensive rings, bracelets and necklaces. Suddenly she grabbed him around the waist and darted in for a kiss. It looked like she was aiming for his lips, but he turned his face away to let her peck against his cheek. He slid his arm around her narrow waist and pulled her close. What the fuck?!

‘I like this one.’ Natalya announced, drawing his attention to the ring around her wedding finger. He looked at it and nodded, then scanned his eyes over the rest of the jewellery before turning back to Rose.

‘Looks like it’s all here. Well done!’

Rose’s expression communicated that she wouldn’t be returning his smile whilst he was all cuddled up. He understood and hinted to Natalya.

‘Didn’t you say you needed the bathroom?’

The Russian shrugged gleefully. ‘I’ve never pissed wearing a million-pounds of jewellery before.’ She laughed and trotted out of the room, turning to Rose, as she passed, and mocking. ‘Cute, little apron.’  

Rose maintained her furious expression towards X. His honey-velvet voice was low and relaxed. ‘She wanted to come, to see the jewellery for herself. She’s a bit of a connoisseur – it’s not just about the money for her. She wanted the chance to play with it, before it gets laundered into cash.’

‘She wants to play with it?! Like a child!’ Rose spluttered into a quiet hiss. ‘Why’d you go along with that? Couldn’t you have said “no”? Look at me, I’m naked… and I’m wearing a fucking collar. And who the fuck is she anyway?’

‘Look, Natalya’s been on the team from the beginning. She’s a key player. I promised her she could see the jewellery. We made a deal. So when the loot ended up here, I had to let her come. Need to keep my side of the bargain. Remember what I said about honour among thieves. This is a team sport and Natalya’s a valuable part of the team. You must admit, she was pretty useful today.’

‘Yea, she’s very talented.’ Rose spat, wiggling around in satirised seduction.

He looked serious for a moment, before his smile broke out again. ‘Well, you’re very talented yourself. The true hero of the hour. The way you stepped up to save the day. I’m really impressed by that. Competence is so sexy.’ He sauntered towards her, trying to win her over. ‘I don’t want the whole Natalya thing to spoil the moment for us. We’ve got three million-ponds-worth of jewellery… and I want you to wear it whilst I fuck you.’ Rose managed to maintain her frown, but it was a knee-melting thought. ‘Look, she’ll be gone soon. She’s still got a mission-task to accomplish tonight. I’ve already booked her a cab to the station for 11pm. So she’s only staying for dinner… and then you’ll never have to see her again.’

‘Staying for dinner?! I cooked that for you… not…’

‘Look, just be civil for the next hour-and-a-half. That’s all I’m asking. It’s not the hardest thing I’ve asked you to do, today.’

‘Yea, but I don’t… I mean… Who is she?’

‘She’s a work colleague. We have a mutually-profitable, professional relationship. You once told me, you fantasised about being made to serve dinner and drinks to me and my work colleagues…’

‘That’s not what I meant and you kn…’

He pulled her in for another kiss. She turned away and pushed him off. His dark, predatory eyes studied her for a moment – a satisfied curl of lips as he sensed the beginnings of her resignation. He manhandled her to the side and ducked to open the oven.

‘Lasagne. I love your lasagne. Looks and smells amazing… as always.’ He stood and strolled through to the dining-room. ‘This looks perfect as well.’

She followed him, acutely aware that her ass was sticking out the back of her apron. Humiliation tingling. He was surveying the table, but Rose’s eyes were drawn to the fireplace. Some material was burning over the logs. Fizzling flames and funny smoke. She drew in closer.

‘You burnt my clothes!’

He huffed a smug chuckle. ‘That was always the plan. I didn’t want to give you the option of putting them back on. Although I like this.’ He nodded towards the apron, groping his eyes over her naked buttocks as she bent over the fire-place. ‘Don’t worry, you look hot. Don’t let Natalya get in the way of our game. Just play.’ Rose looked at him, speechless. His tone darkened. ‘That’s an order.’

Natalya paraded back in and Rose spun her ass towards the fire. ‘What’s for dinner?’ The Russian barked.

‘Lasagne.’ He answered.

‘Good. I’m fucking starving!’

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