This certainly makes for a strange working environment. Although I’m writing dark, BDSM-themed erotica, so the aphrodisiac atmosphere feels kind of appropriate. Two giant mirrors sheet the walls of the office, one in front, one behind. My reflection bouncing back and forth between the opposing panes – reflections reflecting reflections – echoing off to the infinities. The image of a young woman sitting at a little desk, typing away on her laptop. That’s me: Jessica Seaques. Full-moon face. Fresh, flush cheeks. Tidy ponytail of silky, brown hair. Cool, red, fifties spectacles balanced on my nose. Sleek, steel collar wrapped around my neck. I don’t wear anything else… it’s not that kind of workplace.

I love the feel of the cold, metal chain snaking down my naked body, shackling me to the desk. It’s about 10m long, so I can reach the bathroom through the left door and the kitchen-area through the right. I make myself lots of tea – I love a good cuppa J And I love that he makes me sit on this ridiculous, little, foldup chair. Hard plastic pressing against my soft ass-cheeks. Having to perch so low rounds my buttocks, so they plump enthusiastically towards him – watching from behind the mirror-wall. He’s got a secret room! And the glass is transparent when looking from that side. I’m sure of it. I can feel his predatory eyes… all over me. I don’t know, for certain, when he’s watching… so it always feels like he might be. The erotic ambiance ever-pervasive… and building over time – escalating, enrichening, deepening.

It’s very distracting… but also inspiring. So I’m always hard at work. Typing away, upright posture kinked to pucker my breasts and butt. Womanly curves rolling, swelling and bouncing to the upbeat rhythm of the keystrokes. Working for him – my boss… my Big, Bad Boss. I’m not allowed to touch myself during working hours. That’s got me in real trouble before. But you try writing spine-tingling erotica all night – getting all hot and bothered and riled up – without any kind of release. It’s torture!

So as you can imagine, I do get myself in trouble quite a lot. Summoned into his office, deep voice ordering me to bend over the desk. I love feeling him looming above me. Such a devilishly-attractive man. Tall and slim, lean musculature with abs carved like corrugated iron. Unruly, dark hair. Facial features and contours angled the perfect balance between sharp and smooth. Strong brow, chiselled cheek-bones, full lips. Steely eyes utterly unbreakable (although occasionally, you get to see the steel melt).

I love the sound of him taking off his belt – leather slithering and snickering. And the thwacking noise when the two halves of the folded strap snap together on striking my fleshy behind. Sometimes I get thrown over his knee and spanked with my ass in the air – white cheeks slapped pink… and rose… and red. Then he sheets the chair with sandpaper and makes me sit on it for the rest of the night – sadistic Velcro pinning me in place. That kind of discipline really helps one remember who the boss is (but does make it tempting to misbehave).

The worst punishment is the chastity belt, of course. Loins locked with black metal and thick leather, frustrated juices soaking into the strap. Excruciating torment: being me made to write erotica like that. And sometimes he ejaculates into the macabre underwear before it’s clamped closed, so I can feel his come squelching over my pussy and ass, until it hardens crisp and crunchy. Some might say, it’s not the most professional way of working. But, when you think about it, the meaning of the word professional flexes according to context. And this unique working environment ensures the erotica I craft is especially radiant… and agonisingly sexy.

She’s agonisingly sexy as well – his evil collaborator. Ice-sculpted beauty – dramatically striking. Sharp, statuesque, facial features – dark, sorcerous eyes. Jet-black hair contrasts fresh, white skin. Deep red lips and painted nails shock like blood on snow. Tall, sleek body with athletic muscles and slender curves springing out of her tight business clothes like a cat-suit. She’s a sadistic bitch, but I have to admit: she’s highly effective when it comes to enforcing discipline. She once made me write a whole blog-piece with my nipples noosed in sharp thread… and a giant dildo stuck up my ass. You’ve got to respect that.

I love how perfect they look together… and hate it, of course. Postures all slant and curl as they slack their bodies in loose embrace. They kiss the way wolves fight over flesh – you can smell the blood in the air – it’s carnivorous. And they work so well with one another – the domination dream team. Terrifying to be trapped between them. Like the time they cuffed me to the butcher’s hook as if stringing fresh meat from the dungeon rafters. Candlelight dancing with shadows, footsteps ticking and tocking over cold stone as the predators circle. Reflections of their stealthy silhouettes stalking the dark glass of the surrounding mirror-walls.

Anyways, maybe I’ll tell you about that sometime – it’s a fun story! I’ve got plenty of fun stories. Especially the story of how I got here – how I ended up in this peculiar situation. How he took me, chained me to the desk and made me to write erotica for your entertainment. That’s what my book is about: ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ (MSM). A delightfully eccentric tale about a young woman who wins an online writing competition… and ends up getting herself into all kinds of trouble.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – the story can be quite brutal in places. But if you like deep, dark, decadent erotica then I think you’re in for a treat. I’ll put all sorts of deliciously naughty ideas inside your head – MSM promises to corrupt. Actually, that’s the whole point – he demands that the book ‘inspire, enrich and darken’ at least a million orgasms across the world… and I’m responsible for delivering that target. I think he sees it as some kind of erotic philanthropy… or evangelism – a cause worth crusading for. (He’s an angel really, he just acts like the Devil sometimes;) 

MIRROR SECRET MIRROR was unleashed on 28th May 2023. Buy your copy here! :)

Jessica Seaques

:) xxx

Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

Hi :) I’m Jess. I love traveling, daydreaming, drinking tea and snuggling cats (especially Baggins!). I also enjoy: provoking a response; pretending to be innocent; and getting into trouble. I dislike: forgotten tea that’s gone cold; blushing in public; and not being punished when I clearly deserve it.

I’m in my early twenties, recently finished university and moved to London looking for adventure… of which I found plenty…

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