Build Your Own Fantasy

Welcome to MSM’s ‘Build Your Own Fantasy’ game

Answer a series of questions and we’ll give you a BDSM-themed erotic story based on your answers. The questions and answers are a bit cryptic, but they contain hints as to what you’re really choosing. The game uses a simple process, although it can potentially generate hundreds of different individual stories. Like the ‘Mirror Secret Mirror’ blog and book, the game is primarily aimed at female submissives, so the language used is appropriate to that context. Although, of course, anyone can play if they like.

Click the ‘Submit’ button at the end to complete the process. We ask for your email address because we’ll send you a copy of your story after you’ve answered the questions (we won’t use your email address for anything else… and we won’t share it with anyone).

WARNING! – The stories generated through this game are brutal and shocking BDSM scenarios framed as if they’re happening to you (the reader). Only play this game if you’re comfortable with that.