The Master Plan – Part 12

This is part 12 of a 15-part series (click here to read the first blog in the series).

They moved through the house to the back door. Natalya picked up a trident-candelabra to light the way through the dark back-rooms. They proceeded in near silence – an air of ritualistic ceremony. Just the sound of footsteps tick-tocking over floorboards. It was a temperate night, but the air bristled cold over Rose’s naked skin. The long grass tickling as she crawled onto the lawn. The ramshackle, little latrine was crouched towards the far corner of the garden. Natalya clicked open the latch and held the candles up to peer inside.  

‘Urgh! It’s disgusting!’ She announced with delight. Red smile flashing as she turned to her fiancé. ‘It’s perfect!’ The tone of an excited bride, who’d just been upgraded to the presidential honeymoon suite.

X marched inside, tugging Rose with him. The latrine was dank, grotty and malodorous. An ugly, old toilet protruded from the side-wall like a misshapen fungus. A battered sink hung off the far wall. The stale smell of piss mugged the cold air… especially close to the ground.

‘Sit!’ His powerful voice demanded reflexive obedience. Rose sat up in rigid puppy-pose – sticking her buttocks and bosom out to tremble in the cold atmosphere. The little outhouse was large enough for Natalya to step inside as well. She placed the candelabra on the sink and linked arms with X as they looked down on Rose.

‘You really know how to get fucked up the ass.’ The Russian’s compliment was meant sincerely. Natalya squeezed lube onto her palms and began to massage it over his cock. ‘You going to get this big, fat dick sticking right up your big, fat ass.’

X kissed his collaborator, then snapped an order at the bitch below. ‘Stand and bend over the toilet.’ Rose stood and hustled into position. Doubling over, with hands on her knees and lifting her butt as high as possible. ‘Put the seat up.’

She used her left hand to lever up the manky, old seat. Staring down into the toilet bowl. The white ceramics had chipped away and were streaked with rusty lines of mould. The water was dark, but she imagined the reflection of her ruined face swimming. The pungent smell of piss wafting into her nostrils. Her right hand crept between her legs. Everything was so insanely wet down there – her pussy salivating like never before. So horribly perverse that this was the most aroused she’d ever been. After everything they’d done to her. What did it say about her? She hated herself. She really deserved this. She deserved to get fucked up the ass every which-way… by X and Natalya… in this grotesque, little toilet.

Thirteen days of chastity and then the last few hours tied haplessly to the bed… watching them. She needed to touch herself, fingers rubbing around her engorged vulva and tickling her clit. Agonising spindles of titillation clawing and scratching through her nerves. The flush of deep heat in her body clashing with the sharp, cold air – could almost feel the steam billowing off her sweaty skin. The pain of her burn-on hot-pants felt so rich and fresh and clean. The kink crinkled along her spine, little fireworks shooting from the hairs on the back of her neck. The hate and lust spinning around together in a violent, drunken dance – driving each other to whirl faster and faster. They made such a beautiful couple.

‘You really going to get it now, you dirty, little slut!’ Natalya’s evil words echoed Rose’s evil thoughts.

He clasped his fist around the glass tail protruding from the bitch’s butt. Twisting it slightly as he pulled it out. Her ring stretched as the smooth, glass crown slipped out. A ringing clatter as he dropped the dildo into the sink. Natalya leant in to squirt cold lube over Rose’s ass-hole. X’s thumb pricking inside to squeeze in the creamy lather. Rose moaned and panted – a pained expression as her masturbation grew more frenetic. Black ripples as sweat dripped from the tip of her nose and splashed into the toilet water below.

He lowered his body so the shaft of his erection nestled along the cleft between her cheeks. Could feel the blood pumping up it. Natalya shifted to face him, standing against Rose’s left flank with a slight squat. She reached her arms around to clutch two big handfuls of buttock and pulled. Nails pinching flesh as she opened the victim’s ass-hole. The heavy crown of his cock now nuzzling against Rose’s vulnerability – sniffing around like a hunting monster. Rose’s legs wobbled uncontrollably. Felt like she was going to come any moment. God, that was so disgracefully humiliating!

‘Please Master, fuck me up the ass really hard.’ She hated herself!

His cock now pressing into the breach, pushing the ass cheeks apart as Natalya pulled with her hands. The tip penetrated, but the friction increased painfully as the broadening curve of the helm drove in behind. Stretching the ring, forcing it wider. Oh my God, that’s too fucking much! It’s much too big. Rose winced, eyes boggling, a thin spindle of air hissing out of her gawping mouth. Knees melting like flaming plastic, so she grabbed the rim of the toilet-bowl to push back with her left hand. Fingers of the right buzzing over her clit at maximum frequency.

Gripping tight around the victim’s buttocks, Natalya jostled her body to waggle Rose’s butt onto him. But the crown wouldn’t fit. His engorged shaft half-bending as he pushed. The frantic flow of red blood pumping in to hold it solid. The ring of the ass wider than ever as the massive bell-end battered and battled and bullied… and conquered. Oh fuck! The crown slipping fully inside, hooking like a harpoon as she screamed a sordid concoction of pain and pleasure.

The orgasm was coming already. She was getting fucked up the ass in this filthy, little latrine and she was loving it. After everything they’d done to her. Everything they’d taken. They’d used her for the robbery, stolen the loot from her, set her up for prison. Fooled her, deceived her, humiliated her, insulted her, abused her, beaten her, tortured her. Fucked her up the ass every which way – physically and metaphorically. She’d face years of punishment, whilst they’d runaway rich and get married on a beach. The injustice was sickening. But thinking about it just made her want to come even harder. Oh fuck! Her whole body spasming as the electricity rocketed. Eyes popping out of her head.

‘She coming! Dirty, little slut is coming straight away!’

Natalya celebrated, releasing her hold around the buttocks, rising and turning to snatch a fistful of Rose’s hair. Twisting the victim’s head around so she could laugh in her face. His strong hands clasped the waist as the shaft of his dick piled in to ramrod the helmet deeper. Her orgasmic wail reached fever pitch. Natalya brought her other hand across to clamp the back of Rose’s neck and pumped downwards, dunking the orgasming victim’s head into the toilet. Face crashing into the ceramic, nostrils flooding with the stench of urine, legs collapsing. But he held her bottom high to keep her fleshy ass impaled like skewered meat. Natalya pulled the chain and flushed. The water erupted around Rose, drenching her hair and face, drowning her as the suffocating orgasm thundered on.

This is what it feels like to get properly fucked in the ass!

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Jessica Seaques
Jessica Seaques

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